Although not technically an island, Seldovia is not connected to the U.S. road system, and can only be reached by boat or plane. Unless you have your own boat or plane, you'll need to get to Homer first, and use that as your jumping off point. Homer is known as "the end of the road" -- but to get to Seldovia we take it one step further!

Wildlife tour with interpretive naturalists aboard. If you are interested in seeing wildlife on your way between Homer and Seldovia, this is the recommended way to go!  

2 1/2 hour ride from Homer.

Seldovia Bay Ferry

M/V Kachemak Bay Voyager

A quick catamaran passenger ferry service between Homer and Seldovia.

45 minute ride from Homer.

Daily flights from Homer.

Year-round service.

15 minute ride from Homer.

Water Taxi + Land Journey

Many water taxi services are available departing Homer. You will need to request the Jakolof Bay Dock as your destination. Once there, take a taxi to the town of Seldovia. Call Halo Cab 907-399-4229 for reservations. Or bring a mountain bike and ride the 10 miles under your own power.

Daily flights from Homer.

Year-round service.

15 minute ride from Homer.

Private Boat or Plane

Click on these Links for information about the  Seldovia Harbormaster and Seldovia Airport.

Generally arriving in Seldovia three times each week. If you want to bring a vehicle or RV to Seldovia, this is the only way to do it! Year-round service.

1 1/2 hour ride from Homer.

Paddle or row your own boat to Seldovia. Campsites, yurts, and rental cabins are available along the way.

Direct flights from Anchorage to Seldovia. Year-round service.