All 2020 bookings closed due to COVID-19

For the safety of travelers and Seldovia residents alike, we are closed until further notice. For daily updates and wildlife images, visit my Facebook page. And please browse trip offerings and descriptions with the 2021 season in mind. Best wishes for you and your loved ones.  Cindy

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Why take a tour?

Seldovia is a fine place to wander around and explore on your own. However, you might miss out on a few things. Take a tour to learn: Hidden trails and off-the-beaten-path locations. Locations of birds' nests. Which wild plants are ok to nibble - and which ones are poisonous. Stories overheard from old-timers. Best angles for photography. Which tidepools might hold anemones or sea stars. And so much more! I am dedicated to answering your questions, and helping you to gain a deeper understanding of this amazing place.